The inspiration for my art comes from the simplicity of everyday life. I try to deconstruct the complexity of symbols and structures I encounter to their simplest forms. Through photographs and illustrations of architectural and design elements from my home city of New York and travels abroad, I reinterpret traditional styles and create new designs through the use of rearrangement of shape and color. 

I prefer screen printing because it incorporates a technical process to making art which requires forethought and planning to the project. It requires a steady hand and mind which allows for uniformity and predictability in a finished product while at the same time allowing for artistic experimentation with design, color, and material. I often choose to print on untraditional materials which lend themselves to the process of screen printing but offer an opportunity to create pieces with individual characteristics not typical to screen printed art. They offer me the opportunity to create by hand not only the finished art but the raw materials of the media as well. I've been operating Sheepshead Design from my Brooklyn, NY studio since 2007. Every item is printed by hand in small runs resulting in truly one of a kind prints. 

-Philip Sachs